How to make the Secret work for You

First of all, you need to understand that the secret cannot fail! As I outlined in the previous blogs that the Secret is based on the universal Law of Attraction and therefore it is true whether we want or not. In this regard the secret does not fail, you just get the consequences of your negative thoughts and inactivity. This is still the Law of Attraction in action. In order to make the secret work for you, you need to do the following:

  1. Be clear on what you want

Ask what you want and visualise it clearly. Do not keep asking repeatedly for the same thing over and over again. Asking repeatably sends a message to the universe that you do not truly believe that you will receive and hence nothing changes. Ask once and ask boldly.

It’s like ordering off a menu and know that what you have ordered will be delivered as is in a very short period of time. Order with certainty and confidence.

2. Have Faith in the universe
One of the best books ever written which spells out the Secret clearly is the bible. The bible clearly says “Ask and it shall be given”. Ask once and have faith that the universe (or the All, God etc) will provide as you requested.Faith is the powerful belief in the unseen.What you ask for you have not yet seen or received physically but by having faith you visualise the unseen as physical and the universe turns it into physical.

3. Practice Gratitude

In order to attract more positive things into your life be grateful of all the things that you have received in the past. Practicing gratitude preconditions your mind to receive the next gift the universe has to offer.

If you get a chance, read Greg Branden’s work. He says it takes spending 2-3minutes everyday focussing on gratitude to change our brain.

According to Samantha Fey ,when we think thoughts of gratitude, we calm down, our cortisol levels lower, endorphins are released, serotine levels increase and we begin to change our energy. We become more open to positivity, more receptive to happy outcomes.

4. Give

Again, as the bible says and I’m sure most religious books do too, ‘Give and you shall receive‘. Studies show that people who volunteer their time or tithe a part of their earnings each week or month live a more happy, fulfilled and healthier life compared to those who don’t participate in service organisations or give to charity. The Law of Attraction tells us that what you give out comes back to you, so the more you give the more you will receive. It’s a fundamental truth.

Practising giving sends out a message that you do not lack. Since the universe gave to you and you showed gratitude and actually shared what you received you will constantly attract more. Ever wondered why the most successful organisations and individuals are aligned to one or more charities. They understand the Secret either consciously or sub-consciously.

Why the Secret is not working for You?

The good news is that the Secret is a universal principle!In that case it should apply to anyone whether you a nonagenarian or an infant. A principle is a universal truth whether you like it or not.

Think of the Secret as a physical law like the law of gravity.No matter how you try to break it,it will always hold.A principle can never be broken but you can only break yourself against the principle.

Now,the secret,which is the universal law of attraction always works one way or the other.What is not making it work is the negative force you are attracting by thinking negative thoughts!If you think more negative thoughts about not getting that job or having failed the interview you attracting a similar response from the universe that you failed the interview and will not get the job.

It’s that simple! You sending out a higher frequency thought of lack, inadequacy,poverty to the universe and thats what you are getting in return in the physical realm.

The power of positive thinking and auto suggestion is critical to the quality of life we will live.If you think a positive thought continuously you program your subconscious mind to auto suggest these positive frequency even in your sleep! The universe will be giving out your thought desires even in your sleep.Now if that is not abundance I don’t know what is! It is analogous to making money online passively if only you do the right things online!

Learn the habit of auto suggestion by teaching your mind to focus on one single positive thought at time.Write the thought down on a notepad and repeat it loudly for 10 minutes everyday.Do this exercise for 21 days and it will become a habit.Start by simple positive thoughts like being grateful for the good life that you have…Write “I am Grateful for the family I have” and repeat it until it becomes a legit thought process then you will see how your family life will become more richer as more gratefulness is reflected back in all the family members.

The catch however with using the secret is that most people just think that sending positive thoughts should make it work all the time.The thoughts have to be legit hence the habit of auto suggestion for 21 days is important to engrave the positive thought in the subconscious for it to be sent out even when you not aware of it!

Moreover,the thoughts have to be accompanied by positive action towards that thought.You won’t attract that job by just thinking about it and not preparing for the interview.Thinking positively will result in the universe aligning all the events which will result in you noticing the job advert on the newspaper.You might come across it on television by switching channels by chance;or you might hear it on a radio station when catching a ride!These are all perceived chance events but in reality it’s the universe communicating with you.

So if you get the message from the universe and decide not to act then you now sending a different thought frequency to the universe that you not ready or you not interested then the “miracle” will disappear.Your action will get an equal reaction from the universe so the reason the secret is not working for you is because you are not acting promptly on all the hints of opportunities the universe is giving you.It might be an impulsive business idea you choose to ignore or a moment to meet a lover,a mentor or a sponsor that you let slip away.

In conclusion think your way to abundance by acting on your thoughts!

Discovering the Secret -Part 2

If you have not read the book by Rhonda Byrne The Secret;and I doubt you haven’t since you an avid motivational or personal growth practitioner; it’s the book that opened many doors to my somewhat misguided life.

You see,growing up I had the perception that making loads of money and being rich was directly a result of some illegal chicanery and crime relative activities!

And boy! I was totally wrong!It’s common for the ordinary person to look down and despise the rich.At some point in my life I had the attitude (wrong attitude) that the rich man feed off the poor through manipulation and extortionist tendencies.

This wrong attitude of despising the rich in some way sends a message that you despising money.Bottomline here is the fact that you can’t hate the rich because they have money and at the same time wish to have money!!’

You see…I was sending out the wrong ‘text message request’ to the universe and I was sure going to get a reply. (the universe replies,irregardless).The message I was sending was:’I don’t deserve to be rich because I despise the rich’.

Reading and understanding the secret made me realise the power of attraction.Thinking positive thoughts and sending out the right request messages to the universe.By shifting my way of thinking from despising the rich to actually idolising them,I started to attract more and more wealth related material to aid in my personal growth.I even got myself a ‘rich’ mentor (well not really that rich by then…but the advise I obtained from the mentor was priceless).

I managed to get a fairly well paying day job since then and I’m slowly making my way up to the ‘rich’ tag solely by shifting my mindset to think positive thoughts about money and thereby attracting it!..

Simple message today is You can’t despise the rich and want to be rich yourself.

Discovering the Secret

Many a times in life we have come across books ranging from all different kinds of topics,from politics to eroticas.I must quickly first introduce myself before I proceed.

I am currently 30 years old,living quite a successful life with a descent education and a descent job.I use the secret subconsciously now on a daily basis.
The Secret was introduced to me some 12 years ago by a friend in a hard copy format;you know before the technological boom really took over.I had just finished high school and was a bit clueless on what my future path will take.I hadn’t figured out the course to explore in University let alone how I was to finance my higher education studies…

Until I bumped into The Secret and everything was made clear!

…to be continued